Welcome to my studio.

Here you will learn how to open yourself up to play, to find your missing inner explorer who once believed wholeheartedly in magic and wonderment.

I believe opening up to art creation and giving oneself the gift of creative play is the missing piece in so many adults lives. I want to help YOU realise that playfulness and freeing of one’s imagination is more powerful than any drug and is the answer to boredom, unhappiness, feeling lost and uninspired.

A visit with my studio is always filled with a bit of magic, whimsy, sometimes spooky, but always, the love of art.

From the bizarre & unusual to snippets of beautiful fairy tales, I offer a place for people to share the magical happenings that stir deep within their soul.

A pinch of glitter, a flick of paint, a profound shifting of energies, a heightened sense of awareness that gives one the permission to explore, play, and be delighted with oneself!

Because today is the day and this is the time. Embrace and adore now, this minute, this second, everything around you and about you.
There is only so long you can dwell in the darkness before you have to escape, release that creature into the world, let me show you how to find your magic!

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