My Little Creatures

About me

Hello and welcome, my name is Laurie and I am a multi-media narrative artist and illustrator living and creating in the land of OZ (Australia).

About Me

My Beliefs

I believe there is a creative creature hidden within us all eager to emerge from within to play and create, this creative creature wants to remind us of the innocence we all once nurtured, and many of us lost, along the path of life.

What I offer

In-person Workshops

Throughout the year I hold in-person workshop where students spend the day immersed in great company, paint, pencils, multimedia art wonderment and also overindulge in amazing ‘OMG this is the BEST’ food ever!

Studio Vlogs

You will find frequent studio vlogs and tutorials on my Youtube channel, so make sure you check this out ASAP!

Online Classes

Launching VERY soon!


What People Say

Just Done my very first art class! As someone that couldn’t draw a stick figure. I think I did amazing! . My art teacher was so informative, explained all aspects in simple terms and it was so much fun, I can’t wait for my next class. So inspiring!! Thankyou Laurie


Such an amazing day, relaxing, informative, and all spent with an excellent teacher! Learnt about the amazing possibilities for an artist wanting to cross over/dabble into the digital media world. Takes creativities to another level, loved loved it



Recent Vlogs


Create with me – Live Stream Art Parties

With the aim of helping as many people as possible and connect with my audience, I frequently stream live on Twitch and Instagram.