What could I possibly love as much as my Little Creatures!??

That’s easy..

 Little Creature Creators!

My Recent Christmas Creature art Lesson has inspired a whole bunch of Little Creature Creators who have been nice enough to share their Creatures with me.

Master Harry from Shellharbour was the first Creature Creator to send me a photo of his Christmas Creature.

The first photo shows Harry’s first creature  which was created before he got his hands on some glitter.

My Little Creatures

Harry’s Creature

Harry explained that his second creature was all blinged up with glittery goodness before it melted in the rain – still adorable by the way.

My Little Creatures

Harry’s Melted Creature

Over the Christmas Break, I was fortunate enough to teach a class with 3 amazing little artists in Coledale.

Who created a marvellous Christmas Creature Mural.

My Little Creatures

Creature Mural

Miss Hayley’s Mum Belinda (another fabulous artist) from Adelaide shared Hayley’s creations on Facebook – I was over the moon!

My Little Creatures

Hayley Creating her Creature

But this little creature creator didn’t stop at one, Hayley  also created a Unicorn and Kitty creature! Swoon!

Miss Edi sent this photo in today of her Kitty Creature!!!

My Little Creatures

Edi’s Kitty Creature

The Creatures are evolving!!

Please continue to send in your Little Creature Creations via my Facebook page or use the email link within the sidebar and I will be sure to add them to this page.

The Christmas Creature Video that started it all!