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According to age-old German folklore, all living creatures have a spirit double who is invisible but identical to the living individual.

These second selves are perceived as being distinct from ghosts (which appear only after death), and sometimes they are described as the spiritual opposite or negative of their human counterparts.

In 1796, German writer Johann Paul Richter, who wrote under the pseudonym Jean Paul, coined the word Doppelgänger (from doppel-, meaning “double,” and -gänger, meaning “goer”) to refer to such specters.  {source}

My Little Creatures

I Come Bearing Ghosts

my little creatures

Holy Ghosts

I will often experiment with this concept in my work by creating two versions of the one painting, one light, one dark.

This is a fun experiment as it gives you some insight in to what style resonates with your audience. Interestingly I have found the reactions are quite close, there is never really one that outshines the other by much.

One thing is for certain, those who are given the choice do not hesitate or say ‘I like them both’ they are instantly drawn to one over the other.

It’s time for you to decide ~ What Creature Are You ~ 🍬Sugar or 🌶Spice?

Sugar 🍬 #mylittlecreatures

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A photo posted by My Little Creatures 💖 Artist (@mylittlecreatures.xo) on