Coral Lee – Finding Firelight

I am extremely careful with how I spend my free time.

I avoid ‘obligatory gatherings’ like the plague.

I set boundaries.

I honour my time.

I will fight like crazy to surround myself with people and things that Light Me up!


Artwork by Coral Lee

There is a catch phrase I am sure you have heard ‘Finding your tribe’.

What do people mean when they say ‘Your tribe’?

A tribe is as a group of people who share similar values and passions.

When you’re a part of a tribe, you feel an immense sense of kinship.

These are the people you can genuinely connect with, they create a sacred space where you can comfortably be yourself, where you can grow, thrive and feel utterly amazing!

I have come to call the people in my tribe ‘Artsista’s’.


Artwork by Coral lee

Coral Lee and I met in January 2015 at an Artists Mentor Retreat hosted by the beautiful Jane davenport the ultimate Tribe Master.

It was the first time I had met someone who understood my art infused ramblings, not only did this gorgeous, talented artist understand what the hell I was talking about, she also shared my insatiable obsession with Mixed Media and the wonderfulness of living a creative life.

I had attended retreats before, and had taken part in a tonne of art classes, however I never felt a real ‘connection’ and that was ok ~ I believe that a creative journey can be travelled solo quite well.

After meeting Coral and engaging in ‘art talk’ until well after midnight I came to realise how important it is to surround yourself with like minded people.

My free time has become even more valuable.

Art by Coral Lee

Artwork by Coral Lee

That weekend was the start of our friendship, and since then, we have spent many wonderful evenings together creating art and dreaming big.

It is such a buzz to connect with someone who is genuinely interested in your art progress, and freely shares theirs with you.

Artwork by Coral Lee

Artwork by Coral Lee

One of the most amazing things about Coral is her determination to find HER OWN style, her reverence to her art, developing a unique voice and the way she shares this with the world is genuine and so very commendable. She is also a Kick Ass writer!

A note from Coral Lee : “We have had the best year.  Our arty catch ups and facebook messaging has been so good – connecting with another artist who just ‘gets it’.  Who is in the same mindset about art, who is in the same place of searching with their art (for meaning and connection and story and signature style).  And your excitement every time we catch up is contagious.  I’m on a high artistically for weeks.”

Brave, Creative, Ass Kicking Cheerleader Coral ~ My Art Sista Extraordinaire and True Friend.

Expect BIG things from Coral this year.

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  1. love this story, love Coral, love your art and I love you!

    • Thank you Master Jane! I am Totally in love with EVERYTHING you do for us xxxx Big Creature Kisses xxx

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