Beasts of Botanica – Cultivating Creatures Series

A very early morning  fit of creative madness and magic  brought forth the cultivation of these wild creature creations ~ which I have affectionately named Beasts of Botanica.

Welcome to My Cultivating Creatures Series!

My Little Creatures

Dark, luminous, smouldering, and filled with the promise of whispered intrigue.

Those bold enough to venture in to my evocative black orchard, will be rewarded with a rare midnight blooming of these stunning hybrid creatures.

My Little Creatures

Black Mourning Bride ~ Click HERE to buy

my little creatures

Black Forest Bride ~ Click HERE to buy

Black Mourning bride is the obvious star attraction, she exudes class and grace, she calls for romantic gestures of a dainty nature, fine floral china, lots of lace, and sweet-smelling rosebuds.

Cultivating Creatures_My Little Creatures

Black Cherry Haunted Hollyhocks ~ Click HERE to buy

My Little Creatures_Cultivating Creatures_Face

Haunted Hollyhock ~ Click HERE to buy

my little creatures

Confetti and Fanfare ~ Click HERE to buy

Black Mourning Bride is famous for her fanciful parties where she will  enchant her guests with a polished feast and fanfare that will stretch on for days.

Those honoured with an invitation will be lavished with extravagant gifts such as Cavalier King Charles Puppies, engraved lockets, ivory combs, and soft kid-leather gloves.

my little creatures

Velvet Queen Sunflowers ~ Click HERE to buy

My Little Creatures

The Beasts of Briar Rose Forest ~ Click here to buy

My Little Creatures_Draculas Kiss

Dracula’s Kiss

Show off your very own Beast of Botanica bling printed on life’s essentials!

Grab your Beasts by following this LINK

Limited addition stickers are currently in development and will be sold on site very soon.

My little Creatures

Beasts of Botanica – Black Mourning Bride Stickers

Cultivating Creatures ~ Beasts of Botanica – not for the faint of heart!


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