My latest Multimedia piece is titled ‘Armageddon’s Groupies’

The main Creature in the composition was created using Daniel smith watercolour and is revered so much by its little groupies that they will still become frenzied fanatics even when Armageddon is taking place in the background.

The main background image is a photo I shot at the Stunning Cathedral Rocks which is located in Kiama Downs on the South Coast of NSW Australia.

cathedral-rocks-kiamaThe bizarre formation is a collection of volcanic latite outcrops which resemble the spires of a church. You get an eerie ‘not of this world’ feeling while there, some people refer to it as a ‘before time’ location, it is truely magnificent and the perfect place to build an Armageddon world for this particular Creature.

This piece is the first in an exciting new Creature series. .