October 2015

My Little Creatures

Puppeteer Mouse

Puppeteer Mouse is the current Best seller in my store – Grab your darling mouse by following this LINK

my little creatures

Mixed Media Art Lesson – Create a Creepy Halloween Creature

Welcome Goblin Children – to my very first instructional video as part of Lulu Art Design Team. Watch me conjure a Creepy Pumpkin Head Creature using a variety…

My little creatures

My Giant Creatures

Honey, I blew up the creatures ­čĹ╣ If you have yet to create big, or feature a huge feature paining within your home, ┬áthen all I have to…

my little creatures

Where The Wild Roses Grow

My latest painting uses the warrior princess as my┬ámuse and is dedicated to my beautiful niece Edi ~ a massive Nick Cave fan ~ it is titled ‘Where…

my little creatures

Warrior Princess Creature

This little creature is filled to the brim with intoxicating dark blooms. She lives deep within the darkest forrest, emerging one night of the year ~ the cusp…