my little creatures

Beasts of Botanica – Multimedia Art Class

Dark, luminous, smouldering, and filled with the promise of whispered intrigue. Those bold enough to venture in to my evocative black orchard, will be rewarded with a rare…

my little creatures armageddons groupies

Armageddon’s Groupies

My latest Multimedia piece is titled ‘Armageddon’s Groupies’ The main Creature in the composition was created using Daniel smith watercolour and is revered so much by its little…

my little creatures


A Little Creatures Christmas Card

my little creatures

I Come Bearing Ghosts

Did You Know? According to age-old German folklore, all living creatures have a spirit double who is invisible but identical to the living individual. These second selves are…

my little creatures mixed media painting

Hold On To Your Ghost!

Ghost Hunter, Ghost Hunter what have you found Another lost soul just floating around You’re a natural spirit stalker, a Supernatural talker Hold on to that Ghost till…

My Little Creatures mixed media painting

She Creeps! The Making of a Haunted Girl

She Creeps 💀 The making of a hAunTeD Girl ~ Take a peak in to my creative process with the sound turned up! 👻 Watch me create a…

my little creatures

A Tale of Two Creatures

A Tale of Two Creatures – The Splinter Twins. No this isn’t ‘Magic the Gathering’, it is my recent Creature Creation. The splinter twins are quite complicated, with…

My little creatures

Beasts of Botanica – Cultivating Creatures Series

A very early morning  fit of creative madness and magic  brought forth the cultivation of these wild creature creations ~ which I have affectionately named Beasts of Botanica. Welcome to My Cultivating…

my little creatures

A Haunted High-Five Mixed Media Painting – Shop Update

A Haunting High Five Mixed Media Painting is now in store! Press play! This new print is now available on an assortment of products (see below). Click HERE to take…

my little creatures

Goldilocks all grown up – Just right

My latest creature collection features fairytale characters – all grown up. Goldilocks has chopped her golden locks into a stylish bob, wears a mysterious mask as a disguise – Goldi…

my little creatures

Gretel and the dark dark woods

Gretel faces her fears in the deep, dark woods.. There is a story in those big eyes of hers. Gretel is the first character to be designed for my…

My Little Creatures

Puppeteer Mouse

Puppeteer Mouse is the current Best seller in my store – Grab your darling mouse by following this LINK

My little creatures

My Giant Creatures

Honey, I blew up the creatures 👹 If you have yet to create big, or feature a huge feature paining within your home,  then all I have to…

my little creatures

Where The Wild Roses Grow

My latest painting uses the warrior princess as my muse and is dedicated to my beautiful niece Edi ~ a massive Nick Cave fan ~ it is titled ‘Where…

my little creatures

Sweet Bear Girl

Sweet Bear girl products now in store by following this LINK

Moonbeams and Coral

This Moonbeams and Coral Creature is waiting for you in my shop – take him home by following this LINK

my little creatures

Wise Panda Girl

Those who eat fortune cookies after every meal ~ will never starve 🐼 Wise words from a Panda Creature                  …

My little creatures

A Creature and his Little Creatures

I have fallen in love with Schminke watercolors. It’s relationship with carbon ink is like a match made in heaven. Marrying these with a set of Aquawash brushes…

my little creatures

Heebie Jeebies

Another piece created at the Escape Artist Retreat in Byron Bay. Carbon ink on hot pressed watercolour paper. Ink, pencil, acrylic and collage were added to finish off this amazing collection…


A Creepy Creature

Although my Little Creatures are often referred to as ‘Creepy’, I have started working on an official new series called ‘My Creepy Creatures’. Creepy Creature Cat is the first…

My Little Creatures_Believe

Believe – Rhonna Designs App

My latest illustration ‘Believe’ is a pencil (prismacolors) illustration on water colour paper. I completed the design with a little help from an amazing new photo editing app –…